Sunday, 27 July 2014

Korean Beauty Store Haul

As some of you might already know if you've read my last post, I found a Korean beauty store in my local china town. I'm really excited about this, I had no idea we had any! I was kind of overwhelmed by the discovery and I'm still doing the 10$/week budget for makeup so I didn't go too crazy, but I did pick up a few things! The makeup items will be included in my 10$/week budget which I will update you all on very soon!

  • Darkness lashes - They had a bunch of lashes at the store. They were only 4 to 5 $ a piece, really affordable! I haven't tried them yet since I don't have any lash glue on hand at the moment, but I'll update you all on what I think soon! :)
  • Crystal Jelly Cheek Pot in the color 01 by Tony Moly - the texture of this blush is crazy odd, but so far I'm loving this product! It's now in my makeup bag and I use it everyday. I think I'd like to pick up a few more colors and make a full review. Anyone interested?
  • Party Lover Liquid Eye Liner by Tony Moly - OMG this eyeliner! It's going into my monthly favorites for sure <3. I didn't know about the Tony Moly brand, but I'm mad impressed!
  • Nail polish remover - nothing too exciting, I needed some and I decided to try this one because it was cheap :)
  • Sheet masks - I'm so excited I finally got  my hands on sheet masks! I've seen people rave about them forever now. Can't wait to try them out <3

That's all I got at the Korean beauty shop but I'm saving my budget to go back and pick up some BB cream a glitter liner and a bunch more probably! Let me know if there are any Korean specific brands or products that I should try! Everything looks so cute and awesome :D

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