Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Beauty Haul : Real Techniques Brushes

I've just received my latest amazon purchase a few minutes ago and I'm so excited I cannot wait to share these with you all! It's the Real Techniques makeup brushes! Well, not all a them but a few :)

I ordered two of the sets and two individual brushes last Thursday  meaning I have received them in less than a week, pretty amazing! I'm am super excited about these. I haven't used them yet since I need to wash them first, so this won't be a full review, but tell me if you would like one once I get to use them. So far all I've done is feel the bristles on my hand to see if they are soft/dense (which they certainly are!)

I got the Core Collection, the Eye Starter Set, the Expert Face brush and the Fine Liner brush. I have heard so many great reviews on this brush collection, I cannot wait to try them out. It's kind of a bummer I have to wash them and wait for them to dry before I can start playing with them :P (plus I have to wash all of my brushes since it's been forever since I've deep cleaned them, so I thought I would do it all at once, which will definitely take some time)

That's all I got this time :) I got a DealExtreme package coming in this month also, might post about it once it comes! Only issue is the package has been sent in partial shipments (so far, two have been sent out), which means it may be a while before I have everything together. Anyway, let me know if you have these brushes and what you think of them!


  1. what a great haul! these brushes are amazing :)

    My Blog: Caught in a Daze.

  2. Dude, how many brush sets do you have now? hahaha.

    But i know... i bought the Quo travel set at boxing day. got two sets now. LOVE IT!

  3. @Frederika I don't know 7 maybe? I'm so obsessed with brushes XD How do you like the Quo so far?

    @Vicky So far I really enjoy them, so soft and dense <3



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