Thursday, 4 October 2012

SE Asia Beauty Haul : ZA, Canmake, Nivea, Maybelline, Biore, Essential, Majolica Majorca and more!

So while I was in SE Asia this summer, I really wanted to pick up some asian beauty products that I have been eyeing for a while. Turns out, most of it is quite expensive (especially the japanese brands), but I'm glad I can try them out! If I like them, I'll feel more comfortable paying shipping to get them later on. Plus, I got to swatch some of them and see which colors I like :)

Here is what I got!

I got a Majolica Majorca mascara (680 baht, about 22$ ouchie :S, hope it's as good as I hear), a ZA hydrating spray, Biore Cleanser (and mini makeup remover), Essential shampoo, conditionner and hair mask, Vaseline moisturizer, Nivea deodorant and cream, ZA powder foundation and compact, Maybelline BB Cream (it's tiny) and Canmake cream blush (also really expensive, can't remember how much exactly, but around 10$)
I haven't given everything enough of a go to review it yet, but if you would like an in-depth review of any of the products here, let me know!

In the mean time, so far, I have been really liking the ZA foundation (it's milled incredibly fine and makes my skin super soft <3), the Vaseline moisturizer, the Nivea deodorant, the ZA spray and all the Essential hair care which are super creamy and moisturising (although I'm not a big fan of the floral smell).

That's all I got in SE Asia (well Thailand really). If you are curious, I got most of these either at Boots (I was super excited to go there, we don't have it here), 7-11 (they have a couple cheap beauty products) and Watsons. Sadly they didn't have any of the british cosmetic brands there. I would of liked to try out Sleek and Collection 2000 (now just called Collection I think).

Anyway, I really should be studying right now, I am procrastinating at the moment :S I'll update soon with Halloween looks, favorites and more :)

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  1. Wow, that's a lot! Btw, I tagged you for the Liebster Award!



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